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Past Releases

by Brit Drozda

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Album Credits:

All songs written by Brit Drozda. 

“Show Mercy,” “Waiting on a Cowboy”, “Never Let Me Go,” “I Would,” “You Are” produced and mixed by Jason Scavone at Sioux Sioux Studios. 

Jonathan Erickson on drums.  Jason Scavone guitar, instrumentals and background vocals.  Brit Drodza on keys and guitar.  Eleazar Shafer on trumpet on “I Would.” 

“Let Me Hang the Moon” and “In Heaven” produced by Charles Holloman at CHP Productions and mixed by Jason Scavone.  Drums on “Let Me Hang the Moon” and “In Heaven” by Jordan Hardee. 

All songs mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering.